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Currently we are hiring staffs for the Hospitality Division of the Company, See opening below:
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Brief description

The position of a procurement officer consists of purchasing machinery, equipment, tools, parts, supplies, or services necessary for the operation of the establishment.


  • Analyze price proposals, financial reports, and other data and information to determine reasonable pricing
  • Confer with staff, users, and vendors to discuss defective or unacceptable goods or services and determine corrective action
  • Evaluate and monitor contract performance to ensure compliance with contractual obligations and to determine need for changes
  • Maintain and review computerized or manual records of items purchased, costs, deliveries, product performance, and inventories
  • Monitor and follow applicable laws and regulations
  • Monitor shipments and ensure that goods come in on time and resolve problems related to undelivered goods

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Brief description

A kitchen hand assists cooks or chefs within a working kitchen. Assists kitchen and service staff in preparing and serving food, and cleans food preparation and service areas.


  • Ensuring proper sanitation practices are followed.
  • Ensuring smooth operation by coordinating with related food and beverages departments
  • Weigh and measure ingredients
  • Go after pots and pans, and stir and strain soups and sauces.

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Brief Description 

PANTRY a room or closet used for storage (as of provisions), or from which food is brought.


  • Provide support to all officers and assists them in performance of their official duties.
  • Attend to customers, promptly providing first course meals and other needs.
  • Maintain cleanliness of office equipment and furniture.
  • Always prepared to take the entire details of responsibilities and offer superb end product.

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