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FirstGate Business Intermediaries Limited offers life-of-asset support across a range of sectors - our services can support clients from feasibility planning through to Project management.


  • Project management
  • Engineering
  • Consulting
  • Construction
  • Supply chain management


PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Project Management is a core area in our product delivering cutting edge consultancy in construction and engineering services to our customers.

We have been providing project management services for over two decades, offering construction management advice, sustainability and quality assurance support as part of our product chain. Our project management consultancy spans all our sectors including government services, power, mining and oil & gas.

FirstGate Business Intermediaries Limited has state-of-the-art systems, procedures and specifications for the management and control of engineering, construction, procurement and commissioning of process and industrial facilities.

FirstGate uses a common approach to project management in all projects. We put together a project delivery assurance model with access to a comprehensive reference model of standards and best practices. This approach was adopted to set FirstGate far ahead of competition in this area of delivery. Such combinations come in handy as a standard method in completing all our successful projects.


ENGINEERING: At FirstGate, engineering models are developed in a way to give our clients a common user experience. We bring together a mix of expertise of our well groomed consultants drawn from various geographic regions and varieties of success stories to ensure that excellence is not compromised. To keep track on our standards, we have provided a well-integrated work and technical performance management system. Our engineering achievements include major complex and challenging projects such as A and B.


CONSULTING: Consultancy is a major service line at FirstGate and from our many years of experience, we have diligently developed a dedicated client base with consistent success stories. In the coming years, our focus is to keep our consulting channels beyond competition, delivering services in oil and gas, hospitality, information technology, construction and real estate development.


CONSTRUCTION: Across many of our sectors, FirstGate Business Intermediaries delivers excellence in construction and construction management for our clients enhancing the quality and value of construction projects. The Construction Support Services offered by FirstGate are directed at enhancing the quality and value of construction projects.

Our construction management professionals focus on providing leading practices for project management, construction techniques, quality assurance and quality control, and other issues affecting construction projects.


SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT: At FirstGate, "Successful relationship management with our supply chain is fundamental to our delivery of efficient and effective projects."

At FirstGate, we value the relationships we have with our suppliers and recognize the important role they play in the development and ongoing success of our business.

We work in partnership with our suppliers. The concept is simple: your delivery teams and ours, working collaboratively throughout the supply chain to deliver real value. By sharing information in a constructive and open manner, we aim to motivate suppliers to improve performance and to recognize and reward high performance.

Our philosophy for working with suppliers is:

  • Safety and the environment are of paramount importance
  • We think innovation, learning and teamwork should be positively encouraged
  • There should be continuous measurable improvement in the service provided
  • The partnership should seek to create an environment of trust, integrity and open communication
  • Both parties should always strive to exceed customer expectation


We are a team of innovative minds driven to build the preeminent project and management consultancy company in Nigeria. Teamwork and continuous improvement will continue to drive our future initiatives


To exceed customers’ expectations at all times through commitment to superior customer service. When we adhere to this maxim, we will attract new clients and maintain our clientele

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