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Everything we do is about building long-term relationships, maintaining continual patronage from our highly esteemed clients and also ensuring that they get excellent services.

Oil & Gas

Our extensive foreign partners and commitment to excellence means our oil and gas production customers can be confident that we will manage their assets safely and deliver their projects on time and to budget.

We have long-term customer relationships with a portfolio of leading national and international oil and gas operating companies, affording us a unique and valuable combination of experience and global perspective.

FirstGate Business Intermediaries Limited has unparalleled experience in delivering large and complex projects for our customers – safely, on time and to budget.

We have a strong reputation for balancing global excellence with local delivery within the oil and gas industry.


FirstGate has a firm reputation in hospitality business with our high profile consultants developing ultramodern models for restaurant services, parks and gardens, lodging and transportation. Our clientele drawn from a crop of successful multinational companies has given FirstGate the required edge in her leadership in this sector. We currently have complex designs engineered for the third world and many international players in the industry recognize how our leadership is gradually taken the sub Saharan Africa.

Small Business

Since it is now well known that to maintain a good economy, developing countries will need the strength of their private sector investments and in support of this pursuit, FirstGate generally provides various models to support Small Businesses which in Nigeria for instance, accounts for over 60% of the emerging economy. Small Businesses include auto-mechanics, eateries, mini-agro-allied companies, raw material processors, retail product vendors, services providers in Information Technology and entertainment, and the like.

We design supportive framework for entrepreneurs to enable them meet challenges and achieve successes with affordable budget.


FirstGate provides a full range of services to the power sector. We bring together a mix of expertise of our well groomed consultants drawn from various geographic regions in order to deliver excellence. Our reputation is based on providing quality services to valued customers for more than 4,300 MW on 42 power projects installed and managed worldwide since 1990. FirstGate is in partnership with two power companies; Distribution Aggregates and construction LTD and Hydro Power Technical Services (HPTS).

MW Managed/ Engineered on an Expanded Scope Basis

  • North America – 2256
  • Middle East – 1044
  • ffSouth America – 698gfgg
  • Asia Pacific Rim - 170
  • Central America – 168
  • United Kingdom - 42

Information Technology

Sub-Saharan Africa has kept very minimal margin from developed worlds in Information Technology. Over 85% of services in Nigeria for instance are Info-Tech related. These services which include entertainment, education, real estate, construction, finance, project management, human capital management, politics and countless others have been largely been Info-Tech driven in recent years. We do our best in this area to achieve maximum support for Information Technology through our excellent work force.

Real Estate Development

Recently, statistics have shown that sub Saharan Africa has cities with fast growth in population and business. With current high rate of direct foreign investments and an increase in the private sector participation, cities like Abuja, Lagos, and neighboring regions have a high real estate market potential.

FirstGate has key strengths in Real Estate over the years and currently have multi-million dollar projects in different stages of development. In the coming years, we expect a higher demand in the Real Estate sector and with the current crop of FirstGate’s employees, we are confident to keep our client base satisfied and growing.